No More Tears!


Although I can certainly conjure up despair, I’d rather not.

Instead, I look to the future to house me comfortably.

To establish cherished memories and heart-felt tales.

To reign in the company of friends and loved ones.

To take in the stars at night, as they too coexist with darkness, with stunning result.

Not only visually, but in its quest to aide weary travelers in their plight.

Providing a perfect blend, of both darkness, and of light!

Black Widow Spider



I’ve never been a fan of creepy crawlers.

They, may, leave you compromised.

I lay witness to one clung to my finger, and immediately sought removal.

I feared in doing so, it would certainly sting.

Left without choice, I approached with caution.

As, I attempted to remove this creature, its venom pierced my skin.

I struggled to lessen its grip, and eventually squash the threat.

While certain its poison would overcome me, and I too would meet with death-

a loud noise roused me from my sleep, and ended my distress.





After years of censorship-

not unlike living in a world of dictatorship in which no one disgraces its King.

I dared not.

I would not-

speak of the burdens of the flesh.

It was merely self-preservation.

Not, that of loyalty to my King, but fear of retaliation.

My weapons, were few.

None, were tangible.

Daily, walking a skewed line of love and hate, careful not to stray from script.

I left a trail of breadcrumbs for the observant.

There were no takers.

Inevitably, my body cringed and vigilance prevailed.

As, I resumed an all too familiar task of, ‘keeper of the gate’.


The Vault is Empty


As I attempt to make a withdrawal-

I find little more than disappointment.

I stop, and take yet another look.

Is this vault truly vacant?

The walls-

they, are shallow-


and vastly impersonal.

It becomes acutely obvious I must replenish what I’ve lost-

because neither happiness or diversity-

come without cost!


A Blank Slate


Young lovers stand before the waters

hands linked

hearts entwined.

Silence fills the air, and words,

words, they are—unnecessary.

The cool waters protrude gently upon the shore-

as the forrest’s inhabitants, pardon the couple’s intrusion.

Much time has passed, and they begin to egress.

Mentally, they recall their former selves-

where nature painted yet another perfect portrait,

to display amongst a cluttered shelf.