The Needle, and the Spoon!



Only, a few are spared the loss of a loved one to the grim reaper, known as heroin.

We send cards listing sympathies, along with personal sentiments.

We attend wakes and funeral rituals, dutifully obliging tradition.

We listen and watch helplessly as the tears, they flow, and comfort does not find them.

We choose our words carefully, out of fear of appearing insensitive.

The daily news serves as a reminder of the epidemic, we’ve come to know.

We formulate programs and initiate measures to aid us in this awful plight.

Helplessness surrounds us as the flames of addiction seeks its next victim.

Its appetite, never fully satiated.

Inevitably, the lives of those with opiate-filled syringes begin to spiral down.

Just, as another batch of sugar finds its way; to our vastly, receding town!